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Reblog this and tell me what you wanna be when you grow up! Or while you’re growing up! You’re never too old to grow up. (You’re also never too old to enjoy kid things like cartoons and pretending to be a fairy princess. (Heavy sure isn’t))

Do you want to be an artist, a programmer, or an engineer? Firefighter? Do you want to be a musical magical girl with the power to summon Cthulhu by singing 'Slam Jam' to the theme of 'Guile's Theme'?

A history teacher who’d be cool enough for kids to post about me on their tumblrs. (And at the same time still be competent at my job.)



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So far the only thing social justice has done for me as a white, straight guy is give me the feeling I do not matter in the world in the slightest and might as well commit suicide for nothing would be different in the end.


People get mad over radical feminists and crazed social justice warriors because getting called a sexist pig or a racist asshole simply by virtue of “all men are stupid because they stereotype all women” and “all white people are awful because they discriminate against all PoCs” isn’t exactly fun when you belong to those groups and haven’t done anything.

The fact that people who haven’t done such and still fall in those groups being forced having to look away and be quiet isn’t exactly fun either if when they’re caught doing it themselves and use the same excuse they’re suddenly the most awful people on Earth and deserve to die.

It’s generalizing a group of people which contains a few people who generalize other people and it’s mirrored solution is only going to cause more people to generalize endlessly causing the cycle of generalizing and people feeling unpleasant to just go on and go on.

There are other reasons like considerable overreaction to stuff but I just wanted to get this specific one out here now.

I have a headache.